Our dedication to the best humidifier.

We aimed to develop “Ultimate Humidifiers” by eliminating
the disadvantages that every type of humidifiers have.
cado humidifier adopts ultrasonic style.
The antibacterial component "Zeoclea" developed by cado solved the issue for ultrasonic humidifiers
"bacteria is easy to breed." Another feature of the ultrasonic humidifiers is visible mist.
White mist gently floating up in the air will enrich your heart.
Thus, cado humidifiers have been completed with our own technology and design.

Mist will protect you from dry air and virus.

"Zeoclea Technology" makes antibacterial mist.
cado's humidifier uses independently developed antibacterial zeoolite. It inhibits bacteria in the water inside the tank, and then it releases mist that inhibits airborne bacteria and viruses. Moistens your space and protect you from viruses. cado humidifiers create a comfortable living space where the peace of mind can be enjoyed.

Always handy. Your must item through a year.

Do you think you need a humidifiers only during the dry winter? The answer is “No.” The air-conditioned rooms during the summer will be also very dry and various viruses will become active. In fact, this is one of the causes of summer cold. Humidifiers will prevent excessive drying, maintain the humidity at optimum level and stop increasing germs. Mist released from your humidifier will keep your room cool.
cado humidifier will play an important role in your daily life through a year.

LED light notification.

Bright LED lights will notify the humidity in your room and operation mode. Gentle lights will add a color in your room.

Enrich your heart.

We consider carefully visible mist released from cado humidifiers. White fine mist float around gently but powerfully in the air will moisten the air in your room and enrich your heart.

Water in a liquid state falls down. Water in a gas state goes up. We applied this water cycle that is the law of nature to cado humidifiers.

You will feel the water cycle in your room and your heart will be enriched by cado humidifiers.