The origin is an encounter of "technology" and "beauty."

An engineer Koga and a designer Suzuki.
cado, which is formed as a result of the encounter of these two enthusiasts,
always develop their products with their wish "The best design with the ultimate technology."

The story began at the time Koga and Suzuki just left major consumer electronics manufacturers
they had been working for. Koga was not able to be satisfied with the products he had developed in
spite of his excellent technology knowledge.
Meanwhile, Suzuki was thinking every beautiful consumer electronics needed
the suitable level of technology to deserve its beauty.

They met each other by chance when they were stuck with their thought how should be filled with something missing.
They got along with soon as they realized they had the same idea and wishes. They started a joint development immediately.

Integration of "the ultimate technology" and "the best design" that were impossible to be achieved while they were alone.
The possibility spread like multiplication by the teamwork. The path to the manufacturing that they were aiming for became clear gradually.

Aiming for a totally new electric appliance.

It was a development and manufacturing process which only two people were involved with.
That's why they are able to dedicate themselves to pursue their wishes.
A Performance and a design that they would never compromise.
An electric appliance that no one has ever seen before.
What was needed to achieve their wish was the best performance in the world
and a beautiful design to grab everyon's heart at a glance.

Finally, "cado Air Purifier" was completed as our first product in 2012.
Ultimate technology to be recognized "the world No.1" air purification speed,
which was achieved as a Japanese manufacturer for the first time.
Innovative design such as stainless steel processed exterior
and tempered glass touch panel to break through the image of air purifiers.

One and only air purifier with its technology and design.

The unchangeable and eternal origin of cado

“Air”- that is essential for us to live.
“Air”- that is precious to wrap us around all the time.
Electric appliances that enable the air to be more comfortable and fulfilling.
Electric appliances that enrich every room by integration of technology and beauty.
That is the manufacturing cado aims for.

Humidifiers, dehumidifiers, deodorizing sanitizers... We continue to expand both product range and sales territory.
However, we keep the wish cado originated in forever.

The history of cado began from the passion of two people.
The voyage has just begun.