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cado air purifiers. World-leading CADR.

cado air purifier demonstrated the best air purification capability in the world for the first time as a Japanese manufacturer. The first cado air purifier "AP-C700" won the highest value* at the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)* that represents the amount of clean air an air purifier supplies per minute. With CADR unequalled in the industry, cado air purifier performance is guaranteed.
*As of Nov. 2012


The CADR values of air purifiers
are published by AHAM.

Air purification speed.
The heart of cado air purifier.

No matter how powerful, air purifiers cannot remove particles that have already settled.
That’s why at cado, we work to increase the power of our devices to ensure
to catch harmful substances before they reach the ground, or your lungs.
The key to this - unparalleled suction and purifications speed.

No escape for invisible pollutants.

PM2.5 - which have recently become a major international health concern - refers to particles approximately 2.5μm or less in size. cado filters catch substances smaller than 0.09μm* or less In other words, PM2.5 cannot get past a cado filter - not even pollutants such as these.

*µm = micrometer: one thousandth of 1 mm

Photoclea. Our proprietary photocatalytic self-cleaning filters.

cado’s proprietary Photoclea system, combines the excellent absorption ability of carbon with a visible light-sensitive photocatalytic coating. The Photoclea system automatically degrades and disposes of bacteria and chemicals that land on its surface - resulting in consistent, powerful absorption and performance.


Self-Cleaning Mechanism

1. Absorption
Particles such as harmful substances, bacteria, mold, pollen and odors stick to filter.
2. Decomposition
Photocatalytic coating reacts to visible light and breaks down particles into water and carbon dioxide.
3. Regeneration
Suction force of the filter is regenerated by the self-cleaning function. This gives the filter a longer life.

A fusion of form and function.

Like a flower in a bouquet, cado appliances enhance the beauty of their surroundings, without clamoring for attention.
Made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass,
they hew to an effortlessly dignified aesthetic - modern, understated, and completely your own.

Comparison of Specifications

Room size ~107m²
Rated power consumption Min: 12W
Max: 180W
Sound level Min: 34dBA
Max: 59dBA
Dimensions W423×D297×H714mm
Room size ~50m²
Rated power consumption Min: 10W
Max: 94W
Sound level Min: 28dBA
Max: 59dBA
Dimensions W350×D230×H580mm
Room size ~36m²
Rated power consumption Min: 6W
Max: 33W
Sound level Min: 29dBA
Max: 59dBA
Dimensions W242×D242×H652mm
Room size ~20m²
Rated power consumption Min: 0.2A
Max: 1.5A
Sound level Min: 30dBA
Max: 61dBA
Dimensions W242×D242×H308mm
Room size -
Rated power consumption Min: 0.2A
Max: 0.4A
Sound level Min: 30dBA
Max: 40dBA
Dimensions Dia.66×H180mm