The best humidifier.

At cado, we aim to revolutionize the world of humidifier design.
Every type of humidifiers has disadvantages, and we have solved them by adopting ultrasonic type.
Our unique "Zeoclea Technology" adds to the power of our humidification technology
by inhibiting majority of bacteria within the water tank, but also in the air.
Visible mist humidifies your room efficiently and will enrich your heart.
Quality, power, of sheer elegance of design are in cado humidifiers.

Mist. Protect you from dryness and virus.

Our unique "Zeoclea Technology" adds to the power of our humidification technology by inhibiting the bacteria.
Antibacterial zeolite reduces airborne bacteria, while the machines themselves regulate their water tanks, and keeps the water pristine.

Essential humidification - all year round.

Humidifiers are essential all year round.
Though most people focus on the cool dryness of winter, they forget that the air-conditioning sucks moisture from the air.
Bacteria breed in their filters, and some pollutants endure.
These are the main causes of summer sniffles - of inexplicable colds at the warm times of the year.
Our humidifiers will prevent excessive drying, maintain humidity at optimum levels and filter out germs.
Their pleasing mist will keep your room cool. cado humidifiers will provide you with constant care, all-year-round.

LED light notification.

The LED light in the water tank notifies you of the humidity moderation with colors and automatically regulate at optimal humidity level.

Enrich your heart. Embrace your life.

It’s a basic rule of nature. Liquid water goes down - you see it in the rain, in waterfalls, in rivers running downhill. But water vapors go up. Mist hangs in the air. Clouds ride the high winds. At cado, we’ve applied this basic truth to our humidifiers. Our devices produce visible, ethereal vapor, that will fill your room with pure moisture.