Into the Woods


name | Clémentine & Ludovic Family
occupation | Fashion Designer (Clémentine),
Creative Director (Ludovic)
children | Olaf (5 years old),
Giogia (2 years old)
home | Between Paris and Perche in France
lived here since | 2022
house size | 95m2 land | 1.7ha

An apartment in Paris during the week and a house in Perche on the weekends. Clémentine and Ludovic spend their time between the city and the countryside, which are about two hours away by car. Their family of four includes Olaf, a lively 5-year-old who likes to run around the house, and Giogia, a 2-year-old who likes to do things at her own pace.


Inspired by “mÖkki” summer houses in the forests of Finland, Clémentine & Ludovic built a second house, which was finished in 2022. The house is located in Perche, and the vast forest that covers several hectares behind the house gives the house a “mÖkki” atmosphere. The interior design was just completed earlier this year, and Ludovic & Clémentine’s creativity is gradually bringing the house closer to their ideal space.


Olaf is full of energy and goes wild in the bedroom. The dust that his rambunctious pawing brings up is caught by the air purifier, so there is no need to worry about it. The LEAF 320i, which is specially designed to increase the speed of purification, blows air suctioned from 360°in all directions, upwards. Its powerful performance meets Olaf’s energetic and free life.

元気いっぱいのオラフはベッドルームでも大暴れ。わんぱくな足取りが舞い上げるホコリは、空気清浄機がキャッチしてくれるから安心。浄化スピードを高めることに特化した〈LEAF 320i〉は、360度全方位から吸引した空気を真上に送風。パワフルな性能が、オラフの元気で自由な生活に応えてくれる。

By using a smartphone app connected via Wi-Fi, Ludovic & Clémentine can easily adjust the LEAF 320i to help Olaf sleep soundly: they can turn off the LED lights, change the air flow, and set a timer for him to sleep comfortably.

ひとしきりに遊んだら、ぐっすりと眠りにつくオラフ。〈LEAF 320i〉はWi-Fiを経由してつながったスマートフォンのアプリで操作ができ、LEDの消灯や風量の変更、タイマーの設定ができるので、彼が熟睡しやすいように調整してあげるのも簡単。

Clémentine & Ludovic Family

Clémentine is a fashion designer and Ludovic is a creative director. Their 5-year-old son, Olaf, and their 2-year-old daughter, Giogia enjoy their carefree lifestyle. For now, the couple work in Paris during the week and spend their weekends here in the countryside.

ファッションデザイナーのクレモンティーヌさんとクリエイティブディレクターのルドウィックさん。 そしてふたりの間で5歳の兄・オラフと2歳の妹・ジョージアがのびのびと育つ。今のところ平日はパリで仕事をして、週末はこの田舎町で過ごしている。

La maison du Perche

Inspired by traditional Scandinavian summer houses, Clémentine & Ludovic designed this house, a small one-story house nestled in the forest. They call this house “La maison du Perche.” The house, whose interior decoration was recently finished, is still a work in progress. So far, Clémentine has kept the interior in neutral tones without adding strong colors.


Collection of Ceramics

Clémentine collects traditional pottery from La Borne, a town in central France where pottery-making has been continuing since the 13th century. The pieces on the kitchen shelf on page 016 are all from La Borne.

クレモンティーヌさんが集めているのは、ラ・ボルヌと呼ばれる13世紀からフランス中部で受け継がれる伝統的な焼き物。派手な装飾性はなく、日本でいう民藝品のような“用の美”を感じる佇まい。 p.016のキッチン奥のシェルフの上にあるのもすべてラ・ボルヌ。

Fresh Food

Cheese and vegetables purchased from local supermarkets and marchés. On the table for lunch were ham and mozzarella, tomatoes and avocados, and baguettes.


product name | LEAF 320i
size | φ242mm × h652mm
room size | ~42m²
maximum airflow | 360m3/h
sound level | Min: 30 dBA (Low) / Max: 60 dBA (Rapid)
color | cool gray, white

High Purification Speed

With a large forest behind the house and concrete floors indoors, the house is inevitably prone to accumulate pollen and dust. LEAF 320i is an air purifier designed to be placed in any location, and its purification speed is high enough to quickly circulate large volumes of air. The top edge, which serves as the air outlet, has been made as narrow as possible to increase the amount of air released and improve circulation efficiency. The air purifier can also be operated remotely by linking it to the cado sync app from a smartphone. It’s very helpful,” says Ludovic, “because I don’t wake my children up when they sleep in their bedroom. The color is a neutral gray that blends in with the color of the floor—which was Clémentine’s choice.”

〈LEAF 320i〉は、置く場所を選ばないデザイン性に加え、室内の空気を素早く大量に循環させる浄化スピードが特徴。送風口となる天面の縁を極限まで狭くすることで空気の放出量を増やし、循環効率をアップさせた。またスマートフォンからcado syncアプリと連動させれば外出先でも操作が可能。「寝室で寝る子どもたちを起こさずに済んで、すごく助かっている」とルドウィックさんは話す。色はクレモンティーヌさんのこだわりで、床の色と馴染む無彩色のグレーを選んだ。